How To Edit & Modify HOSTS File in Linux

How to edit and modify the IP address hosts file on Linux systems.

How To Install Corefreq in Ubuntu To monitor CPU

With this tutorial, you will learn how to monitor the CPU of your Ubuntu using the Corefreq tool.

How To Add a New Disk in CentOS 7

To begin with, understanding the CentOS 7 structure is necessary prior to installing new hardware. To do so, accessing root privileges and running the subsequent command is required.

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How To Recover GRUB & GRUB2 in Linux Systems

This comprehensive tutorial is designed to guide users through the process of recovering GRUB and GRUB2, which are essential components for booting Linux systems. In situations where both Linux and Windows are installed on the same hard drive and Windows is reinstalled or installed alongside Linux, the Windows Master Boot Record (MBR) may delete GRUB, rendering the Linux system unable to boot.

How To Rename Files & Directories in Linux

In this comprehensive tutorial, we will delve into the intricacies of renaming files and directories in Linux using the terminal. While graphical options are often the preferred method for renaming a single file, there are times when we need to do it from the terminal.

How To Check Meltdown or Specter Vulnerability on Linux

The processor has been infiltrated by vulnerabilities, known as Specter and Meltdown, which enable an attacker with sufficient knowledge to gain unauthorized access to the processor and obtain sensitive information such as passwords.