Apple has officially unveiled the iOS 16 operating system

The American corporation Apple held a traditional conference for developers WWDC 2022. The main event of this conference was the presentation of a new operating system for mobile devices - iOS 16.

This year's WWDC 2022 event took place one day before the scheduled date. In spite of this, the representatives of the corporation told about the new mobile operating system iOS 16. As expected, there are not so many changes in the latest version, as fans of the company's products wanted.

iOS 16

The operating system has acquired a new Lock screen, where users will be able to customize the wallpaper and buttons. Users will also be able to see the weather forecast on the lock screen, put there notes and alarms, change the font and design, as well as clock and date styles. Finally, the clock can now be positioned so that the image on the screen is not obscured by this information. In addition there are animated wallpapers and the ability to change the pictures on the lock screen automatically with a certain period of time.

Finally, on the Lock screen notifications are composed differently - they are placed at the bottom of the screen. Also on the locked screen you can display different data, like a full-screen cover of the album you're playing, time, how many people are using the carshare and more.

iOS 16

In addition to the new lock screen, the operating system got a feature to sort messages in messengers and mail. Of course, Apple has updated the messaging service iMessage, which got minor innovations in the form of emoji and revised ergonomics.

Also we updated Share Play service, which now works in parallel with messengers and has the ability to send a link to share a video. Another interesting update is the keyboard, which is no longer hidden by the operating system during voice dialing and allows you to easily insert a word with your fingers. In addition, the operating system got the ability to copy text not only from pictures and photos, but even from videos.

iOS 16

One more innovation is the possibility to cut a part of a photo, insert it into the message and send it to a close person. Finally, Apple has updated the Wallet app. Now users living in some states can save their driver's license here and save some electronic keys. By the way, as guest access, keys can be sent in a message to another user.

iOS 16

In iOS 16 will appear the ability to pay for purchases and make money transfers from smartphone to smartphone, simply by touching one iPhone to another. Along with all of the above, Apple has updated the Maps app. Now the program shows more details about the objects and got the most detailed data about the cities, and when used in a modern car, users got an opportunity to ask Siri to set the destination.

The presentation of the new iOS 16 was not without various improvements for athletes. Now the operating system got the ability to stream sports events, and see the score of this or that game directly on the lock screen. All this data can be viewed in the My Sport app on your smartphone, tablet or TV.

iOS 16

The new iOS 16 also got updated parental controls. Children can now set a time to use their smartphone or tablet for certain purposes. In addition, you can select only certain apps for your offspring to use.

The Photos app is now able to display photos by theme, like Family, Work, or Nature. You can also display on your smartphone only photos with people in them and send only some of these photos to the cloud.


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