ARM unveiled its first mobile chip with raytracing support

Arm announced the flagship Immortalis-G715 mobile GPU. This is the first Arm graphics with support for hardware ray tracing acceleration. At the same time in the segment of mobile chips there is already a solution with such technology - Samsung Exynos 2200 chips with Xclipse graphics on RDNA 2 architecture, which was created by AMD.

Image source: Arm
Image source: Arm


Arm Immortalis-G715, depending on the modification, has from 10 to 16 shader cores and up to 1 Mbyte of L2 cache memory. For the new GPU also announced support for VRS (variable rate shading) - variable frame rate.

Image source: Arm
Image source: Arm


According to Arm, Immortalis-G715 is both 15% faster and more energy efficient than the previous flagship GPU, Mali-G710. The inclusion of VRS can provide an additional performance boost of about 40%. The implementation of hardware tracing took about 4% of the Immortalis-G715 area, but the manufacturer claims that the performance of hardware tracing is 300% faster than software tracing.

Image source: Arm
Image source: Arm


The company has presented two demos showing the capabilities of hardware ray tracing in Immortalis-G715 graphics. Epic Games and Unity have both promised to provide hardware ray tracing Arm support in their game engines.

Along with Immortalis-G715, Arm introduced the simpler Mali-G715 and Mali-G615 GPUs without ray tracing, but with VRS. The first will get from 7 to 9 shader cores, the second will have 6 or fewer cores. The company did not disclose the performance of these GPUs.

The first smartphones with the latest Arm graphics are expected by the end of this year or early next year.

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