How To Install Corefreq in Ubuntu To monitor CPU

What is Corefreq?

CoreFreq is a software tool designed to monitor CPU and memory usage, clock speed, and temperature of the CPU in real-time. It provides accurate and reliable data for managing system resources and diagnosing performance issues. CoreFreq supports both Intel and AMD processors and can be used on Linux and Windows operating systems. It also offers advanced features such as CPU stress testing, benchmarking, and customization options for adjusting performance settings.

Install Corefreq in Ubuntu 22.10

To commence with the installation of the program, we need to first install the Development Tools. This can be accomplished by executing specific commands based on the distribution operating system we are using. Once installed, we can compile and install the program smoothly.

CentOS -RedHat: sudo yum group install 'Development Tools'

Debian – Ubuntu: sudo apt-get install dkms git libpthread-stubs0-dev

Fedora: sudo dnf group install 'Development Tools'

Next, we will clone the code of Corefreq from the GitHub repository using the following command:

git clone

Now we access the directory where we have cloned the Corefreq resource:

cd CoreFreq

Once there, we execute the make command to perform the particular installation.

Then we will execute the following commands to load the kernel module and the program daemon:

sudo insmod corefreqk.ko

sudo ./corefreqd

Once these parameters are loaded, we open a terminal since the sudo command ./corefreq should be executed in the background and there we can start the application as users running the following line:


There we have access to all the parameters above of the CPU. To visualize the help of Corefreq, we will execute the following command:

./corefreq-cli -h

In this way, Corefreq will be a great ally to manage in real time the status of the processor in Linux environments.

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