iFixit will become the official supplier of Valve Steam Deck self-replacement parts

In February of this year, it was announced that iFixit would sell spare parts for the Valve Steam Deck "console," a device that continues to attract gamer interest and is still difficult to access.

iFixit is the first official store with parts for this device, and it is also working with Samsung to provide the parts and instructions that allow the Korean manufacturer's smartphones to actually be.

According to The Verge, iFixit will sell almost all of the Steam Deck's components. In addition to basic items such as analog knobs and buttons, iFixit's offering will also include cases (front and back), duct tape to facilitate component assembly, speakers, fan-style cooling, a screen (also in anti-glare options), and even a Main decal. The Steam Deck motherboard with the AMD Aerith chip is also available for $350.

Depending on the selected component, the iFixit store offers items to replace damaged components or missing items in the form of rubber bands, gaskets, etc.

Steam Deck

Interestingly, the offer does not include batteries, which are sure to be one of the most frequently replaced Steam items. In an interview with The Verge, the head of iFixit confirmed that they will no longer be available with the launch of the official sale. However, work and negotiations with Valve are ongoing so that the batteries will appear as soon as possible.

The situation is similar with SSD memory, which can be pulled from Steam Deck - just as long as you can find suitable replacements. They will also appear in the iFixit store, but when is unknown.

The repair instructions provided by iFixit are clear, detailed and carefully prepared by service technicians.

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