There is an unstoppable rise in the demand of such tiny laptop PCs as lack optical drives, but offer a faster internet access and that’s why it’s leading to a decrease in the use of CDs to install software,




Similarly, downloads have become much faster with them and the purchases of such devices feel more satisfying. These are the factors that more and more software makers are turning to USB drives for distribution.
Source Next from Japan is one of such companies as are quite popular because of its CD-free laptops. In Japan CD-free laptops are gaining much popularity these days and more than 30 software titles of Source Next are available as downloads or on flash drives,

These are available in different prices that start at ¥3,970 (£20) and most of them are consisted of anti-virus software, phone utilities and different PC productivity applications. These are found in 1GB drive that weighs 7g and can be reused after installing the software.




According to Source Next, it aims to sell more than one million USB drives in the first year of its arrival and it has really serious designs on the USB installation market.