Some pictures have appeared that shows it a slider phone with somewhat the same texture as the super-slim W880i. Yup! Your guess in right, we are talking about Sony Ericsson’s new Walkman phone.

The pictures have been uncovered at the unofficial Sony Ericsson Blog, but so far specs are concerned, they are still a secret and we know nothing about.

But we can assume an accelerometer and GPS that we can also see in the most of the phones in the Walkman range. And yes one thing more: some expanded storage.

We should expect a front facing camera and thus 3.5G connectivity is quite expected too. For a Walkman range, we can assume that 3.2MP makes sense. So, let see how far this guess proves accurate.

In fact, these specs these specs are out of conjecture and we have succeeded to grab them after many hours of toilsome efforts. So far release is concerned, we may be able to gift it some dear one at Christmas later this year.