It is official; Sony is finally launching its latest PS3 slim edition next month at the GamesCom event in Cologne and you can win this year’s favourite Christmas present before anyone else on TechRadar.

Along with the PS3 you get a copy of Batman:Arkham Asylum-which is considered one of the best games of the moment- if you’re the lucky one on TechRadar.


Batman: Arkham Asylum is being published in the UK by Eidos Interactive and Warner bros on behalf on DC comics. The game allows the player to be Batman as he delivers the Joker to Arkham Asylum. There the prisoners have set a trap for Batman and what follows is an absolute gamer’s paradise.


 SCredit: techradar


The game allows the player to battle Gotham city’s worst enemies with the psychological and physical strength of the Batman. Stunning graphics and unexpected twist makes this game worth a play.

So go ahead and win your Set today!!

Source: techradar