There are many other big notebook makers, but none is as productive as Acer. Now there is another launch as the company is bringing its Aspired 8930G laptop in the notebook battlefield.

This new notebook has an 18.4-inch screen and features Intel’s well known new Core2 Quad Processor.

The 8930G has been especially designed for 3D gamers and multimedia workers, it has 12MB of L2 cache with four processing cores packs, up to 2.53GHz of clock speed rates and a 1066 MHz Front Side Bus.

Its spacious Full HD screen makes viewing a real stunning experience and a Blu-ray drive, Dolby Home Theatre audio , NVIDA GeForce 9700M GT graphics card are there too.

Even in the old days the Acer site left a pleasant impression. It is nice that even now the navigation is simple and convenient. You can complain to the manufacturer that in the model selection menu there are no comments to the lineup, but only numerical indexes - an unsophisticated buyer can get confused. But if you know what you came for, the navigation is very convenient.

Here's how the manufacturer describes the 8930G series:

A new laptop with a widescreen FULL HD 18.4" display, the Aspire 8930 is a fusion of the most advanced mobile technology. As the follow-up to the acclaimed Aspire 8920 Series, it takes its proven, exclusive Gemstone design and is instantly memorable for its unmatched style. Powered by the new Intel platform, Nvidia gaming adapters, fast DDR3 RAM and fast Serial ATA hard drives (up to 7200 rpm), it delivers unbeatable performance for graphics-intensive applications. Equipped with an Acer CineCrystal™ Full HD display with 16:9 aspect ratio (modern movie format), a built-in 5.1 audio system (5 speakers and 1 Acer Tuba CineBass subwoofer), a Blu-ray optical drive and the most advanced and demanded multimedia interfaces, the Aspire 8930 offers an unprecedented HD Video/HD Audio experience. And it's all controlled intuitively with a single touch thanks to Acer's innovative CineDash technology (volume control, menu navigation, multimedia playback).

Unwittingly the proverb "you can't praise yourself, no one can" comes to mind, too lofty tones in the description. On the other hand, all the interesting points of the model are highlighted.

There are several models in the line, with different configurations. The differences are quite serious, for example, the younger model has a rather average processor T5800, a weaker video adapter NVIDIA GeForce 9600 and one drive of 250 GB. But the same body, the screen supporting HDTV, the speaker system remains. The configuration is quite average, but the price is half as much as the most powerful one. So if you are not satisfied with the high price of the top model, you can look for a weaker configuration in the lineup.

It will house Vista 64-bit, 4GB RAM and a 7200RPM 1/2TB hard disk with almsot all the available Wi-Fi flavors, card readers and webcam.

This shows that it’s really a heavyweight package, but still no specs related to size and weight have been released yet.

This 8930G will soon be available in the United States with a price tag of $1800, and to be released in other parts of the world afterward..