The new iPod Shuffle from Apple is another mini to shelve the market. Coming in a compact box, all the 3 components are packed in easily, that are shuffle, USB adapter and ear buds.

iPod Shuffle’s controls are not easier to use as one might think. Comparing to a traditional shuffle button layout, the controls are dependent on the user’s choice. They can be used either on the cord or on the player.


In addition, the update to 8.1 requires installation of VoiceOver which can be done by simple clicks and the installation is automated.

All the basic functions of an iPod are done through clicking, and so it is same on this version. For skipping forward, double clicking is required. To skip backwards, triple clicking is required, though it has been thought as ludicrous by the analysts.

While a much supposed to be on feature is missing on the iPod Shuffle, that is track identification and playlist features.

Anyhow, it is quite simple and easy to listen to the track name. To switch to the playlist mode, it is as simple as a click, just press the button for longer, and there you go. You will hear a beep and then you will hear the Shuffle will start reading out names of playlist’s items.

Hardware Specs

Shuffle is by and large compared to the previous iPods. It is small enough to be covered entirely by a thumb; that is why its face is featureless, with a strong clinging clip at the back.