Apple will drop the price of the iPhone SE to $199 after the successor is released

It is assumed that on March 8 Apple will present a new version of the iPhone SE with support for 5G networks and a more modern processor, as well as the new iPad Air and Mac. The well-known author of profile materials Mark Gurman (Mark Gurman) does not rule out that the current iPhone SE will remain on the market, and will be offered at a not quite typical price for Apple products from $199.

This step will allow Apple to attract new customers. Particularly in the Indian market, where the purchasing power of users is quite low, but at the same time the average spending on a smartphone last year reached $196. Thus, Apple can entice many users of smartphones on the Android operating system.

The company will also be able to afford to stop producing the iPod touch. The first generation iPod touch was introduced in September 2007. These devices have rather old ARM11 412 MHz processors and few software updates. Over time, buyers of the current generation iPhone SE will be able to switch to more expensive Apple products, and in terms of attracting new customers to the ecosystem this would be an important step.

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