Apple will unveil new devices on March 8

The American Apple Corporation has announced the date of the first presentation of its new products this year.

The event will take place online. The broadcast will be possible to watch on the official Apple website, as well as on the company's official YouTube channel. The presentation will begin at 21 hours Moscow time on March 8, 2022. Announcement of new products will be held under the slogan Peek performance ("Maximum performance").

It is expected that at the presentation of Apple will debut a compact smartphone iPhone SE, 3rd generation, which will receive a chipset A15 Bionic and support for 5G mobile networks. Also expected to be announced is the new iPad Air tablet and several laptops, including the MacBook Pro, which is built on the latest proprietary M2 processor, and the MacBook Air (2022). Apple will also unveil the iOS 15.4 operating system.

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