The 3 hour long movie “Avatar” has come to be a massive success with their new screening and showing as a form of bringing a new form of technological entertainment right in front of you. It is best to watch it in IMAX theatre in a 3D screen. It is a momentous movie to watch on 3D screen. It is really exciting to watch on a 50 ft by 70 feet screen. It is something rather extraordinary to watch on a 3D screen.

Movies are never going to be expected to be the same when you are in this new movie watching dimension. An article about it got released in Wired which related how James Cameron has been working on it since 1994. His varied experiments and projects got him to use the camera in a freshly invented way. He had to actually wait all this while for the technology to catch up with his visions in order to produce the kind of camera that he was actually hoping would be created. It is a great tale with a simplistic story.

The visual documentation is rather interestingly woven with Pocahontas, part Dances with Wolves as well as the extraordinary dramatic event. The general story is played by ten foot tall blue people with tails who can fly around on miniature dragons. They are experts in varied skills and particularly intelligent. Overall this is a very interesting dramatic tale.