A Belgain court has fined Yahoo for withholding personal account information that relates to email addresses of Yahoo.

According to these court orders, Yahoo will have to cough up a sum of €55,000 instantly and additional €10,000 for the number of days it refused to handover the user information.

Yahoo has been fined for showing unwillingness to collaborate in a Belgian authorities prompted cyber-criminal investigation for an email account data which was used by some internet cons in Belgium.

On the other hand, Yahoo said that it’s bound to respond only to those requests that the company receives from US authorities. Belgian investigators are of the view that Yahoo is also running its services in Belgium, so it must respond to these requests. It is worth mentioning that judges have quoted that the process for asking data to other search engines likes of Microsoft and Google doesn’t pose any problem at all.

Now the court has ruled in favor of the investigation team and Yahoo is going to get a big penalty.
A Yahoo spokesman says in an interview with a Belgian magazine that the company will soon appeal against this court decision.

He also said that Yahoo had clear intentions to cooperate with national authorities and just after putting their standard procedure into practice.