DallasXtreme: A premier Ventrilo Server hosting provider

If you are looking for a premier service provider of Ventrilo server hosting, http://www.dallasxtreme.com is a source that can really provide you what you want from such sort of services.

Their always ready Ventrilo servers can provide you best hosting services and if you are contented with your Ventrilo server, you can contact your dedicated accounts rep and these guys instantly fix these problems.

When it comes to activation, you can get it in a twinkling of an eye, as you do not have to wait for information related to your server with different other companies. You can instantly get your server information just passing them your order.

Ventrilo is quite well-known as an objective Voice over IP application that helps gamers to communicate via hosted Ventrilo servers. This application is not dependent on some other application as likes of Counter-Strike Source, Battlefield 2 or World of Warcraft.. Contrarily, this application works in an independent way.

For different gamers a Ventrilo server is.indeed, a nice source to enhance their gaming experience. When it comes to Ventrilo server hosting, it is provided in various location that makes it certain for the gamers to have firm voice chat and low-latency in almost every part of the world including Dallas Texas, New York, Chicago, Illinois, Ashburn, Los Angeles, Seattle, Tampa, London, Toronto, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Montreal, Tel Aviv, Hong Kong, Singapore, Copenhagen, Perth and Pair.

The first release of Ventrilo was let out in August 2003 and it soon replaced the predecessor Roger Wilco that was released in 1999. Soon after it release Ventrilo failed to overtake the market utterly, however, it has been gaining more and more market share during the past some years. It, primarily, it communicates via TCP and have great dependence on active levels of codecs.

You can have instant access to their custom control with the help of their Ventrilo Server and there isn’t any codec restriction which allows you to have complete and unrestricted control on your server.

They have an easy to use control panel and you don’t have to follow difficult sort of complicated instructions. One nice thing about their Ventrilo Server hosting is their reasonable price and they, indeed, offer great service at the lowest rates available in the industry nowadays.


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