Fanbase launches Wikipedia style directory for sports related information and news to be presented there. It is supposed to be released as one of the longest almanacs that have been on work for over 18 months. It has been backed by $5 million with capitalization at its backing.

The aim of this Fanbase is to unite all the sports fans from the world to promote team level athletics and sports. There have been over 500,000 users already being attached to it with about 60,000 contributions coming to it. The website reveals information over 1.7 million athletes and 20,000 teams in the full directory.

Sports enthusiasts should be happy with the result as the information is going to cover all forms of commentary, profile information, detailed information, etc. Much of the information is not provided through a place like Wikipedia itself. So it is even more detailed and even seeks to expand its information set up in a greater way.

From softball to lacrosse to ice hockey, there have been many things being covered here. For notable information in any of your favorite sports, this is kind of the place to hit.