Google’s Coolest 20% Project: Liquid Galaxy

Liquid Galaxy

Do you know which demonstration booth stood out at the Google I/O this year? It was the Holodeck. Now you may be wondering what this is. Well, it was basically eight long giant screens that were arranged in a circle, displaying Google Street View imagery. If you stepped inside it, the feeling was like zooming around outside. Google calls this project the Liquid Galaxy.

So why is it called so? Well, it displays so much more than just the Street View. A modified Google Earth client has been made by Google, so that there is no place in the world you cannot go to now. You could even go to Mars, or the Moon with it, if you wished. It doesn’t even feel like a computer program, it feels like a real ride, something between an observation-deck and a glass-walled spaceship. So due to the fact that this contraption offers a totally seamless, immersive experience, it has been called the Liquid Galaxy by Google.

Google hopes that this will be a 20% project for them, and they are working round the clock to make constant up gradations and improvements. Now, the Liquid Galaxy is currently touring the world, showing itself off at various technology conferences. It has also been placed on many campuses.

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