If you are one of those who reckon offline Gmail at their desktop as the nicest thing after sliced bread, they wouldn’t have to wait any longer, as there is an indication from Google’s vice president Vic Gundotra that Google guys considering offering this functionality to an Android/iPhone soon.

Aside from many other things, this brisk web application can also boast a revamped interface as well as support labels and finally but immensely can provide offline access.

All we can guess, it seems that Google seems to use voodoo or black magic to do all that, but according to Gundotra, HTML5 standards helped to make it happen.

This new development seems quite promising and it will pave a way for further offline enabled applications in the coming days.

People have been messing with Apple’s own apps, so we may have to wait for to get them around for iPhone, however, we can expect it soon in Android, as there are several reasons for such expectation.