How to Install Android Studio on Linux

One of the most dynamic and versatile operating systems for its development options is undoubtedly Android, created and developed by Google.

Now, if we are in the world of the development of applications for Android, we have a tool that is fundamental and rich in features to carry out this type of tasks, and this tool is Android Studio.

Android Studio has the necessary and comprehensive tools to create apps for all types of Android devices.

Android Studio has been created as an official development environment (IDE) specific for the development of applications for Android and is based on IntelliJ IDEA.

How to Download & Configure Android Studio for Linux

The first step is to go to the following link and download the latest version of Android Studio:

Click on the Download button and accept the Terms & Conditions.

Click again on the Download Android Studio For Linux button and save it to the computer locally.

Yo also can run the automatic installer.

Once the download finishes, execute the following:

cd Descargas

Once finished, go to the extraction folder.

cd android-studio/

To start Android Studio, you must go to the android-studio/bin/ directory and there, run This application initializer script is responsible for creating several configuration files in the directory ~/.AndroidStudio3.1:

cd bin

Once you execute the script, it will ask to import the previous configurations of Android Studio or not; if you have them, then we will click on OK:

When clicking on Ok, you will see that it starts the process of downloading some Android Studio add-ons:

Once this finishes, you will see the following wizard:

There click on Next and select the type of configuration to apply for the installation: Standard or Custom.

Select a theme to apply to the Android Studio interface:

Once this is defined, click Next to verify the configurations.

Then, click on Next and you will see the following:

There, the configuration of the emulator is verified and click on Finish to complete the configuration process where the application will download several components for optimal operation.

When this process finishes, you will see the following.

There, click on the Finish button to complete the installation process.

Finally, Android Studio it will installed on your system, and you can now start your projects.

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