LG introduces another handset in a completely different and original design. LG’s first Android Intouch Max GW620. Usually all the manufacturers stress on the home screen and the keyboard outlook but in this case the lower half seems to have taken the attention of the LG designers. This new approach venture has proved its worth and it stands successfully launched. The Korean firm gets all the credit for the beautiful designed handset. The market ‘win win’ strategy is well set.

LG Intouch Max GW620 is in direct competition with HTC Tattoo but having some added advantages. This is not being considered as cost heavy in any way. The LG S-Class interface is similar but Intouch Max has better functions. This handset has a smaller body only 3.2 inch HVGA. Intouch Max houses a handsome keyboard with smartly laid out buttons besides he keys. This appears to be a better option when matched to the larger and tougher Google Nexus One phone coming with 3.7 inch OLED large screen. On the whole this appears to be a good presentation in its field.

The LG Max has well shaped contours on all around the body. The smooth shinny plastic adds to its classic style. This bell shaped unique mobile phone is light weight but feels good solid in the hand.

The power/lock button and the 3.5mm headphone socket lie at the top. The socket is raised a bit to keep headphone jack flush with the body. This is good thinking as the exposed metal of the jack is often pushed further by many which could damage it. This shows a very objective design setting.

LG has also installed the largely popular media contact with a dedicated music key near the camera shutter button. This feature first appeared in LG New Chocolate BL 40. The users liked it particularly the music fans. The micro SD cards allow extra memory storage. The slot on the side allows quick and easy swapping. Be noted that some Android hand sets put the memory cards under the battery, which at times seems very awkward. So hats off to LG Intouch Max GW620 for a good move.

The left hand side has the basics. The volume rocker is there for easy access. The micro USB slot has a very convenient release gate. The front three keys handle the actual Android functions. The buttons are touch sensitive, home and back and menu keys. The other Android hand phones (Google) have a different layout, so watch out when switching over to LG Intouch Max GW 620.

LG Intouch Max spread good looks when it lies flat on the table top or stands upright. The Qwerty keyboard gives it a wider width to a slight extent. This is felt when the phone is put in the pocket, giving it a seemingly heavier feel in comparison to thinner devices available in the market. But that is not a discomfort in any way. It is just like a difference of opinion when one is inclined towards other set.

LG Intouch Max keyboard slides out with extreme ease and without effort. When fully extended it clicks. The Qwerty buttons nicely placed along with the four directional keys. The numbers are conveniently spread out making tapping a message a swift job. Moving from one key to another is just like surfing across the keyboard, writing and correcting.

The compatibility of this decent keyboard is considered the best than comparable other models like Blackberry Bold 9700, Motorola Milestone and Nokia N97. The wide bottom side is quite spacey that has facilitated the beautiful and appealing keyboard designing.