After the super-slim RAZR V3 success, it was expected that Motorola would consider an updated version of it and here we are with the Motorola V3i. This superb handset has almost everything   that was praiseworthy in V3 and nothing of its bad one.

So far design is concerned; the V3i has almost the same look as of the original RAZAR phone with 14mm super-slim case and cool back-lighted keypad. The thing that is different is color otherwise; it is unchanged (virtually).

The display is very similar to the original one with high quality 262k color TFT screen that has 176×200 pixels high resolution.  There is a small but colorful external display and you can see the useful information like battery life, signal strength and incoming calls there.

Apparently there is no change, but almost every has been changed inside in this V3i as the low resolution camera of V3 has been replaced with a new 1.23MP camera that can also record videos. There is also a music player now and memory can be expanded to store more than 150 tracks. You can use the music player even in the airplane by using the airplane mode of the music player. It is available with Apple iTunes software, but not in the UK version.

For connectivity, the V3i supports Bluetooth wireless connectivity and it has been packed with MP3 ringtones, an integrated speakerphone, Java games and quad-band capability for global roaming. So far the battery life is concerned; it is, no doubt, reasonably good.


The V3i is a nice handset (though it hasn’t been packed with a lot of bells and whistles like in the Sony Ericsson K800i and the Samsung D900).But the specification of V3i are awesome and style is also charming. V3im and V3i are almost the same and the only difference between these two is that V3i is available with addition of iTunes.