The Nokia N95 8GB has been one of the relatively easy to handle phones with its simplicity and great tactics of functioning. It is a more or less smoothly functioning phone that brings about many good parts to it. The great qualities to this product are well known to many by now. It goes more than common functions and brings effective features to its minute details.

The original N95 was supposed to be one of the most powerful and supportive phones in terms of technology and sustainability. The S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 1 coming with the new edition has a combined roll of Web or WAP processing browser. This MiniUSB connectivity also brings you a lot of facilities with the released frameware.

Nokia N95 8GB

The screen again is largely recessed in the new model with the 2.6” size coming along finely. The 5 megapixel camera is still with great optical support with light sensitivity with the options and protection given through the mechanical shutter. The slower image processing also helps you to work with the camera start up and adjusting of the frames. The HSDPA, UPnP and WiFi modes are all workable with the phone.

The VGA-res video recorder makes for some of the best of great running media software ways with audio as well as video codecs coming with it. The video and image editing also makes for successful online integration. These clusters of media savvy techniques make this model great to use. Image editing as well as online integration can be done in no time at all.


  sPhoto by: Arman Mando


There are new facilitations to work with portrait as well as landscape modes with the camera. These shifts bring qualitative difference to your pictures. Editing suites, low power GPS, Assisted GPS, etc are all parts of the fast lock on times feature. There is a great deal of tactile d-pad integration and button set lock set up which can work very well.

TV video echoing and their streaming is also yet another application that can be set to use with this equipment in a jiffy. So there are quite a bunch of applications that can be integrated to work with. The firmware however is also one of the latest kinds. But despite all its good points there is the presence of the 950Mah BL-5F battery which just doesn’t cut the line in terms of work. The battery does not last long according to most reviews and have often called for replacements.The free RAM comes right after booting with a 20MB space. The 360 3rd Edition comes with some of the lesser devices but then it isn’t as good as the N95’s ambitious proclamation. The RAM has also been seen to run out while browsing is still on. These are some of the memory errors coming on accompaniment.




The feedback really opens the eye opening and critical approach to the phone. The Ovi strategy works really well with some of the revamping status working fine with the N95. The flagship phone was released in 2008 with the popularity soon soaring above the rest. There are however many competitors currently to claim for the fame that the N95 calls forth.