We have been hearing about it nearly for the past three years, as it’s in stealth development and now quite staggeringly they have launched it right at the when things are changing quite dramatically on the web scene. Well, we are talking about Topsy search engine

Alta Vista was a search engine that determined web page relevance for some query and then came the time when web began to be viewed as the documents network with Google. And right now almost all the search engines are trying to analyze linking approach all over the web.

If there are more links for a web page, it begins to get more influence and gets more attention than the pages that are involved in this competition of attention. As Jeff Jarvis has previously said that links would serve as a currency in the coming online world and it’s proving true right now, as they serve to build branding, granting authority and equaling value.

Right loads of real time content is being created these days and it can’t be kept up by Google or some search engines. A considerable quantity of this content relates to Twitter, but some other players like Digg, Facebook, FreindFeed and some other are continuously adding in it.  That is where Topsy can reap the full benefit. it can’t be reckoned as a search engine for real time like Scoopler, contrarily, it’s just a search engine that seems to offer new ways of getting some new results.

There are more than 30m or even more Twitter users that are no less than a crowd of small content finding machines and according to Topsy these users are providing millions of unique links on the site everyday and these links really relates to catchy things found online and these Tweets would be the new currency of the web instead of traditional links.