As Pioneer always states about its goal to have the complete gratification of every Pioneer’s customer by offering novelties in those devices which others are also producing but not according to the quality that is a practice of Pioneer’s products.
Now there is another addition in Pioneer’s quality products as they have introduced PDP-LX508D, a high-definition and high-performance big screen plasma TV.

The asking price is somewhat staggering as it is around 3,300 pounds and more striking is that speakers or desktop stand have not been included in this price.

If compare to very similar HD T.V like Panasonic’s 50’full high-definition 50PZ70 that is available in almost 1200 pounds at different online retailers ,Pioneer’s PDP-LX508D is looking quite expensive and one thing is certain that they will have to justify for that high price.

Pioneer’s best plasma

Its extremely artistic and slim black bezel truly makes it the finest model in its every inch. No doubt it is smart and sexy in its every look and aspect.

It has all what you want or desire for a USB port, a PC port, three v1.3 HDMIs that have the ability to control both the deep color image format that is found in two HD camcorders and 1080p/24 from Blu-ray players. Similarly, a subwoofer line out, an optical digital audio output and a PC port is also available and what else you can desire for.
But yet I didn’t tell you about the most important feature and that feature is Kuro technology of the TV, a feature that gives innovatory pictures, mostly when it is about black levels.

The latest show

These black levels are produced by blending new pixel structure designed to decrease light and color effect .To enhance the screen’s brightness, a new Crystal Emissive Layer has been built into the screen. For contrast and response times, plasma cells diverged by not usual high walls so that seeping of light and color to be avoided. Similarly the image processing has been developed to work differently for light and dark video recordings.

Earlier experience with Pioneer KURO plasmas is enough to prove that the high quality features of PDP-LX508D will be very exciting and we can say that without even testing them. But still we will have to wait and see how much PDP-LX508D full High-definition resolution improves the quality of the picture. A more interesting question is whether it is better than Pioneer’s 508XD.

Improvements in the vital images

There is no doubt about it that improvements have been observed in many vital areas, screen is irresistible, colors are also very well blended and decent, and images feel very realistic and cleaner than any other available big screen plasma . These are some additional qualities with other available kuro’s benefits and a high quality.

Enjoy it if you can

Truly speaking it is quite hard to say something negative about the LX508D’s pictures .All we can say it may prove the boss of bosses in available 50’ plasma screens.

But the thing that matters is cost and if you can afford it, no choice is better than this, however, if cost is not affordable, there are many other siblings of PDP-LX508D and you can enjoy them too.