In a recent research, astronomers used PlayStation3 to tackle black hole vibration problem. The PlayStation3 gaming consoles wired together and simulating. This study was led by Lior Burko of the University of Alabama, Huntsville.

Black hole is an area of space-time with an intense gravitational field. The force is so intense that it exceeds or equals to the speed of light.

Astronomers used the PlayStation3 consoles, 16 in number, in groups. This ‘PlayStation3 Gravity Grid’ was built by a physics professor at the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth, Gaurav Khanna.

They used this technique instead of using a super computer, which was cheaper than using a super computer. This cluster of play station can be built in $6,000 without any extra cost on repeated simulations. Whereas if a super computer is hired, it will cost $6,000 per simulation.

Lior Burko “You can get a supercomputer’s capability with relatively little money”. The said built up system requires little RAM and high amount of computing.

In this new research study, the ‘faster of the two’ theory has been used.  The spinning black hole vibrations would settle down through these newly searched simulations, though the restricted speed of the actual speed can’t be guaranteed.

Burko said, “It depends on the mass of the black hole,” he added. “Let’s say you’re in a spaceship orbiting the black hole and the black hole is perturbed. Then you need to wait a shorter time for the vibrations to settle to a certain amplitude.”

With this new research astronomers can do their work in low cost.