Presentation of iPhone 13, iPad 2021 and iPad mini, Apple Watch 7 and other new products

September 14, 2021 was Apple's traditional fall event. In this brief review I will tell you about all the software and hardware innovations.


iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini


The highlight, of course, was the new iPhone 13. The durability of the protective glass has not changed.

The protective glass of the iPhone 13

The design of the main camera unit has changed - now they are located diagonally.

iPhone 13 will be available in 5 colors: pink, blue, "dark night", "shining star" and red.


The colors of the iPhone 13


The TrueDepth sensor strapping (bangs at the top of the screen) is 20% smaller with the same functionality.

The new Super Retina XDR display is 28% brighter, and can reach up to 800 nits of brightness, with a peak of 1,200 nits.

 Super Retina XDR


Apple's fresh A15 Bionic chip (5nm technology) consists of:

  • 6-core processor (2 performance and 4 energy-efficient cores).
  • Graphics 4 cores in the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini. And 5-core GPU for the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max.
  • 16-core Neural Engine (neural engine). It will improve the camera and software performance in general.
  • 15.8 trillion operations per second.
  • New display engine, video encoder and decoder.
  • The system cache is doubled.

Apple A15 Bionic chip

Increased speed of machine learning modules. For example, Siri translates text into speech faster. And the speed of determining directions in maps has increased.

Machine learning iPhone 13

Apple claims the A15 Bionic is the fastest chip on smartphones. It's 50% faster than the nearest competitor, but it doesn't say which one.

The iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini feature an A15 chip with stripped-down graphics (4-core GPU), which is 30 percent faster.

Thanks to the improved neural engine, the mountain navigation software will build detailed 3D maps faster during the ascent.

Navigation in the mountains

There are two cameras in the base line of the iPhone 13 and mini. The new 26mm main module captures 47% more light and less noise. Feature pictured.

The sensor shift technology tried out on the iPhone 12 Pro Max is now available on the iPhone 13 and mini. The main camera module will take better photos of the dark area. The night mode has also been improved.

Ultrawide iPhone 13

The new 2.4 aperture ultra-wide-angle camera captures more information in dark areas with less noise.

The video part has also been improved. The new Cinema Effect mode allows you to focus on your subjects by blurring the background, as if you were shooting with a professional camera with a bright lens. The focus will shift in real-time fully automatically.

iPhone 13 Movie Effect mode

You can selectively switch between faces in the frame at 1 tap.

Video shooting iPhone 13

iPhone 13 features new antennas and more frequencies, so 5G will work in more places. The number of cellular carriers has been increased to 200 in 60 countries.


Battery life:

  • iPhone 13 mini increased by 1.5 hours compared to iPhone 12 mini.
  • iPhone 13 increased by 2.5 hours compared to iPhone 12.

Smart Data mode will automatically switch networks from 5G to LTE when you don't need high speed so as not to drain the battery.

Leather, silicone and clear iPhone 13 cases will get new colors. The Locator app can display on a map where you've unhooked your MagSafe wallet.

iPhone 13 Cases

Price of iPhone 13 from 1100$ and iPhone 13 mini from 1000$. The minimum version is 128 GB. Also available in 256 and 512 GB versions.  


iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max

The design of the iPhone 13 Pro-series has not changed much. Four colors are available: graphite, gold, silver and "sky blue".

iPhone 13 Pro

The TrueDepth module for FaceID recognition has shrunk by 20%. Inside, the iPhone has been redesigned for a new camera unit, display module and larger battery.

iPhone 13 Pro inside

The Apple A15 chip on the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max uses full 5-core graphics, unlike the iPhone 13 (which has trimmed 4-core graphics).

The Apple A15 Bionic chip

There is a new Super Retina XDR display control subsystem with 1000 nits of brightness in normal mode and 1200 nits in peak mode.

The matrix now supports Pro Motion technology with refresh rates from 30 to 120 Hz. The frequency changes automatically depending on how you move your finger across the screen and what content is displayed.

Pro Motion in the iPhone 13 Pro

Matrix diagonals have not changed: 6.1 inches in the iPhone 13 Pro and 6.7 inches in the iPhone 13 Pro Max.


The new camera system got :

  • A 77mm TV with 3X optical zoom for stills and video.
  • Ultra-wide-angle autofocus camera with a large 1.8 aperture sensor that captures 92% more light
  • Aperture 1.5 main camera captures 2.2x more light and produces less noise.


iPhone 13 Pro camera

Ultrashirik has learned how to take macro photos. Thanks to new lenses and autofocus, the focal distance is reduced to 2 cm.

All cameras (including telephoto) now have a night mode for photographing at slow shutter speeds. Smart HDR, which optimizes scene by scene, has been upgraded to 4th generation.

Smart HDR on iPhone 13 Pro

The software, together with the image signal processor, has learned to automatically control contrast, lighting and skin tone for each person.

Image processing

Added photographic styles. They allow you to apply selected tone and warmth parameters to your frames. At the same time the shades of sky and skin remain natural. You can't achieve this effect with normal filters. There are both pre-made templates and the ability to customize and save your own style and apply it to other photos.


Photo Styles iPhone 13

The new camera system is better at shooting video. Macro mode supports slow motion. Cinema Effect mode, which works on all lenses in the main camera unit, allows you to adjust the depth of field even after shooting.


Added support for ProRes video. The editing codec puts much less strain on computers when working in editing programs like Final Cut. But keep in mind, the size of such files is just huge.


Battery life:

  • iPhone 13 Pro +1.5 hours of battery life, compared to the iPhone 12 Pro.
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max + 2.5 hours, compared to the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

The price of the iPhone has not changed: iPhone 13 Pro from 100.000 and iPhone 13 Pro Max from 110.000. Available in 128GB, 256GB, 512GB and 1TB capacities.


Pre-order iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max from September 22, sales start on September 24.

iPhone 13 launch

iPad 2021


Sales of Apple tablets increased by more than 40%. The first product introduced was the new basic iPad 10.2 inch. The design has not changed.

The tablet got Apple A13 Bionic - a chip that is 20% faster than the previous generation. It is 3 times more powerful than the top-selling Chromebooks and 6 times more powerful than the top-selling Android tablets.

Thanks to the powerful chip in the iPad increased the speed of the Live Text function, which still does not recognize the Russian language.

Live Text

The main camera module has improved autofocus in dark conditions. A new 12MP front camera with a 122-degree angle of view will shoot better thanks to a signal processing chip.


iPad front camera

Center Stage has been added, so you'll always be in the center of the screen when you're shooting video. Images are cropped, but focus is always on the face in front of the camera.

Integrated feature True Tone, which will change the temperature of the display depending on the surrounding light.

The new iPad will ship with iPadOS 15.

Front view iPad 2021

The price of the basic model from 31.000r. for a version of 64 GB with Wi-Fi. 256GB versions are also available. It is possible to place a pre-order in Russia from September 22. The start of sales is scheduled for September 24.

The final versions of iPadOS 15 and iOS 15 will be available for download on September 20.


iPad mini

iPad mini 2021

The updated iPad mini tablet has received the design of the current iPad Pro latest generations and the iPad Air 4th generation.

The display is 8.3 inches. Matrix 500 nits brightness with support for True Tone.

The iPad mini matrix.

Available in 4 colors: space gray, pink, purple and "shining star." Touch ID fingerprint sensor integrated into the power button.


The new Apple A15 Bionic chip makes the tablet 40 percent faster than the previous generation in terms of the central processing unit (CPU) and 80 percent faster in terms of the video gas pedal (GPU). The graphics are now 5-core.

Lightning connector replaced with USB Type-C (not to be confused with Thunderbolt 3 as in the Pro model!)


USB Type-C

10x faster data transfer speeds from your tablet to other devices, and support for third-party accessories has increased exponentially. With a 5G module, you get up to 3.5 Gbit/sec of data transfer speed.

The main camera has a 12 megapixel module with an aperture of 1.8. The mechanism of obtaining night photos and HDR mode has been improved.

Main camera

The 12 MP front camera with a viewing angle of 122 degrees and an aperture of 2.4 now supports the Spotlight feature.

The tablet has full stereo sound in landscape orientation, and the 2nd generation Apple Pencil is magnetized to the end.


Apple mini 2021

The 64GB version of the iPad mini costs from 46,000r. A 256GB version is also available. Pre-order from September 22, sales start on September 24.


Apple Watch 7

New features for cyclists have been added to the watch. watchOS 8 will automatically recognize when you start cycling and offer to record the workout. Added auto-pause and resume workout function.


watchOS 8

Apple Watch now recognizes electric bikes to better count calories burned.


Apple Watch 7.

The new watch has a 20% larger display than the 6th generation, and the bezel is only 1.7 mm thick, and it's 40% thinner than the previous generation.


Apple Watch 7

The corners of the case have become more rounded , the glass and the case form an almost continuous surface.


Apple Watch 7 case

Brightness of the matrix in Always-on-Display mode increased by 70%. The button interface in many apps has been redesigned to match the larger display. For example, in Calculator, Stopwatch and Timer apps.


New Button Interface

50% more text is now available on the screen than Series 6. Added a full-size keyboard which many people missed. Quick text input is supported with swipes.


Full-size keyboard.

A new dynamic Watch Face Face outline was added, and the modular dial was freshened up.


Modular Dial

The Apple Watch Series 7 became the ruggedest watch ever - the front glass is now 50 percent thicker. The base of the glass is now flat, making it more resistant to cracking. Moisture resistance was upgraded to IP6X.


Increased durability

Despite the larger display, battery life remains the same - the same 18 hours without recharging. But charging speeds are up 33% over the Series 6. The USB-C interface now charges the watch up to 80% faster in 45 minutes.

Available in 5 colors in an aluminum case: black, "shining star", dark green, blue and red.


Apple Watch 7 colors

Still available in the U.S. are silver, graphite and gold in stainless steel versions, as well as natural and space gray titanium.


U.S. version

The Apple Watch 7 will be priced from 29,000p. Sales will start later this fall.


Apple TV+

Apple TV+ service is developing by leaps and bounds. Later this fall, we'll be able to see new seasons of shows and movies: The Morning Show, The Foundation, The Trouble with Jon Stewart, Invasion, Bragg, Finch, The Psychiatrist Next Door, Ted Lasso.


Apple Fitness+.

The list of countries with support for the Fitness+ service in 21 countries has been expanded. It includes Russia.


List of countries

The Russian language will not appear in the workouts, but the subtitles will be integrated.

Subtitles in workouts

Added a new type of training - Pilates. Exercises from 5 to 45 minutes will be updated every week.

There is a whole series of workouts - preparation for the snow season. Added group workouts with support for up to 31 people at a time.  


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