A wide range of processes are running in a typical windows system that consisted of different system and program files. However, for an average user, it is quite difficult to sort out the important ones from the other. Process Library.com was launched for this very reason.

To provide you an exhaustive database that includes everything that must and must not be running on your computer; Uniblue came up with Process Library.com in 2004. Since its launch, the site has been enjoying a lot of popularity and according to its claims, it registers more than 5 million hits every month and these numbers are on increase with every passing day.

Some countless processes are running at the same time in the back of the computer and a few of them have the ability to hog the system resources to a great extent and it causes a dramatic slowdown of your PC. There can also be virus, spyware or Trojans in some and they can violate your privacy while passing on all your information to the hackers.

With the help of its own ProcessQuickLink, you can have the information link next to the processes on your computer, as it’s simply installed as a plug in into your existing task manager. If you want to know about some process running on your PC, you just need to click on that link and it takes you the process library site where you can get all the needed information.

Undoubtedly, the site is a hub of exe. files and other related information. Aside from a lot of other exe.files, here you can get complete details about ccapp.exe and wmiprvse.exe. Let’s talk about these files.


The Ccapp.exe or Common Client Application is responsible for checking emails and it is also used as the Nortorn Antivirus’ real-time scanner.  It can scan the boot drives for sector viruses before completely shutting down the windows.


This exe file is also known as Windows Management Instrumentation and as a Windows-based component of Microsoft; it controls and provides information about management in an enterprise environment.