BERLIN: Arun Sarin, the U.S head of the company of Vodafone, said on Tuesday that he would resign after some times tumultuous 5 year term in which emerging souk restored wealth Western financial systems as the driver of escalation for the company and the mobile phone industry.

Sarin, who is 53, would be replaced by Vittorio Colao, the 46 years old DCE of Vodafone, who elucidated in a news conference that he, would follow the path of Sarin to make the maximum lucrative of the company. Moreover he promised that the business of Vodafone would be spread all around the Asian as well as African regions.

Sarin joined Vodafone in July 2003. After 3 years serving in the Vodafone Company, Sarin got the status of Air Touch communication where he had been a president. Under Sarin, Vodafone earned a mammoth amount of profit. More and more the clients of Vodafone were doubled around 260.5 million under the monitoring of Sarin. Then, the market of Vodafone was spread in Turkey, India and some other regions of Eastern Europe.

In honor of Sarin, the analysts are saying that he was a great business administrator and deep thinker of Vodafone. He knew how to lead the company and its products. Under his supremacy towards Vodafone, Sarin earned a bulk amount of lucrative for the Vodafone. Moreover, he had a unique sensibility and decision making to uplift the market products through well-implied strategies. That is why today people remember the heroics of Sarin with Vodafone.

No doubt about that it is the right time for Sarin to quit from his responsibilities regarding Vodafone because the company is standing at a great business and marketing situation. For example we could see a fact of total amount of profit of Vodafone during the month of March, 2008. It was counted about pounds 6.6 billion or $13 billion. Moreover it was about pounds 6.2 billion in the period of 2007. So much difference, Sarin created.

In a nut shell, we can say in a few more words that this is the right time for Sarin to resign from Vodafone and it is now the responsibility of another skilling person to take up the charge of company of Vodafone. In this regard, Colao has given a huge around of applause to Sarin and his works. He assured Sarin that he would lead the Vodafone into peak in the coming time.