Every now and then there are some new sources that come up with handful of magical tech-things for your pets, as they can realize well the importance of your pets in your lives. Whether it’s about tech toys or some useful apps, your pets have a lot more options to enjoy even more than that of many humans living in the developing countries of the world.

A large number of websites and other resources seem quite active to provide pet owners an opportunity to make the most of technology for the well-being of their valuable pets and when it comes to Apple, these guys also know well what kind of importance your pets have what kind of treatment they deserve, at least the growing number of iPhone apps for pet owners seem to suggest so.

Here is a list of some iPhone apps that can very handy for pets as well as their owners to get them manage in a better and effective way. So, now you can get the list of leash-free parks for dogs, mange photo galleries of your pet and do almost everything including vet visits.



If you want your dog to get a place where they can roam here and there without their leashes, you can find out about the whereabouts of 5 closest places by making the most of this app. More than 600 parks in US have been listed in this app.


Pet Notebook

This app is a real gift for all those who reckon their pet as another member of their family. All you need to spend are just b$2.99 and you can get support for various pets, photo galleries, custom notes, medications and microchip numbers.


Pet Phone

An exhausting, but instrumental thing related to pet ownership is pet care and this app is if you want to make medications, vet visits, allergies and weight record a free of headache process, this app is a real thing for you.  It becomes a lot easier to manage all the pet related health info quite efficiently with this app. You can also find vets near you quite easily with this app as well as track the fluctuations in its weight.


Relax Alarm Clock Lite

If you can’t live without you best companion even for a moment, you can have a pet keepsake with you while traveling. This free alarm clock app will allow users to record audio with perfect sound quality for recording a custom wake up alarm sound and enjoy them as your first welcome note in the morning. This alarm app needs to run for the alarm sound and that is the only disadvantage of this app.


All Pets Radio Player

If you don’t find notebooks and trackers quite sufficient for your information related to your loving one, you definitely need All Pets Radio in your iPhone as it will allow you to get all the interesting information, tips news and other tidbits for all types of pets.