When it comes to unveiling new products at MWC (Mobile World Congress), the rumor mill never seems to stop. But it’s not a rumor that Sony Ericsson will arrive at MWC with its C903.

The company is ready to launch the little bro to its 8MP-toting watered-down version of the C905 that was launched previous year.

This little bro to feature a 5 megapixel camera that has photofix, smile shutter and face detection features, as the SEMC Blog post says.

When it comes to style and design, it looks quite similar to the C905 with more curves and cuts and 320×240 resolution 2.4-inch screen.

Sony Ericsson C903

It seems that it will also use 3G as we know-well that it’s a high-end 9 series member, but at the same time you wouldn’t find any Wi-Fi ability, but it has GPS too.

It will be officially announced on the Feb.15 at Mobile World Conference and you would find it in the shelves as well as in many hands by the mid of June. It will be in May when you see its posters all around so you need to forget all about it right now.