instant messenger is the product that gives recognition to Tencent which is the largest internet portal in China. Recently, they have reported about the number of users on its QZone social networking service. The report was available in Chinese, but now it has been translated by Web2Asia.

If these reported numbers have not been highly exaggerated, they are indeed somewhat mind blowing.

According to Tencent’s report, nearly 200m people will be using QZone by the end of this year and thus it will surpass many big players like MySpace and Facebook.

It was in 1998 when Tencent was founded and today it has become the largest Internet service portal in China. They claim that they always put their users first and this is the very reason of their tremendous success in a very short span of time. They say that their mission is to present internet technologies in such a way that may help to make human life better and better.

Their QQ instant messaging product has profoundly influenced a considerable number of internet users and allows users to have access to an array of social, personal services as well as commercial applications. The product is, no doubt, quite helpful to improve the way people have been using the internet.


At present, these guys are working on to provide users one-stop online life service and their various internet platforms like QQ, QQ Games, and comprise the largest internet community in China. QQ Mail, SOSO search engine, are their different communication and information sharing services.

With its highly used features like chat rooms, forums, QQ Groups, their Qzone has become the largest internet space. These different sources are quite awesome in group interaction and sharing of resources.

They also have a C2C Online shopping platform that is known as and this one is quite flawlessly integrated into its other community platforms.