The HTC Touch Pro2 Official mobile phone is now available in the market. This is a smartphone that announces the latest technology of Sprint. This would be available for purchase through There are sales representatives and telesales being announced through Sprint which makes availability for the phone quite easy.

The HTC Touch Pro2 delivers a 3.6 inch WVGA variable that brings in for angle tilting screen which can slide out the super smooth key board. The key board facilitates crisp and fast work. The presence of HTC TouchFLO 3D user interface, a 3.2 mega pixel camera along with camcorder, Bluetooth as well as usages like Facebook, microSD explanation, 3.5 mm jack and WorldCard Mobile Business Card Scanner, etc.

The Sprint comes at a price tag of $349.99 with a two year agreement being signed up as well. On this sign up there is $100 rebate coming through which makes it overall an economical investment. One can sign up for updates, newsletters and comments from the company through emails. There is also network support that one can sign up for as a source of help regarding the phone.After the HTC Touch HD this phone is coming with some advanced facilitations and opportunities to work with. It is going to be a “pro” at doing what it does best though marketed through a very limited network for now it has all the qualities in it to make it popular.