A new update range of Satellite and Satellite Pro laptops with Centrino 2 technology has been recently announced by Toshiba.

The updates have been made in the complete range that also covers the P3-18M and 19M while in satellite Pro models, A300-1EA, A300-1E7 and U400-130 have been included.

The new intel chips haven’t only been given to Satellite machines but Toshiba’s stylish and lustrous Portege M800 also been housed with a Centrino 2 chip.

320 hard Drive, a 13.3in WXGA TruBrite TFT Display and 2GB DDR2 +2GB DDR2 RAM are some included specs.
Toshiba asserts about the laptop that it is perfect for those business professionals who want style with performance.
The Toshiba Portege M800 will set you back in £749

The last but not least is Toshiba’s Qosimo range. Perhaps, your guess is right; these laptops have also been housed with Intel Centrino 2 inside.

Some recent reports suggest that Toshiba’s new Quad Core HD Processor has been included in the new machines and this Processor is capable to control gesture and has a new built-in video upgrading technology.
The price for available F50 and G50 series models start at £899.



The X300 model is the latest gaming machine by Toshiba and it has Intel Core2 Duo processors, DDR3 RAM and up to 640GB dual hard disk drives. There are also some new additions like a 5.1 channel Harmon Kardon sound system and an nVIDIA  GeForce graphics . The price starts for this laptop at £1,199