A 25 year old luggable cellphone has been turned around to OLED packing HTPC. This particular model was a Mobira Talkman which was born 25 years back. This was something that the Sierra Hotel financial traders have been glued to since ages.

They had this clutched to their hips and taken them in their briefcase. The next 25 years saw the phone turning over through the evolutionary forces of time. Today, a skilled modder, Jani Japala Ponkko, has been able to bring about a new avatar to the old luggable. It has been his dream come true to give a reinvented life to the old set through managing a pack of T5500 Core 2 Duo inside the phone. This new system has been named the Dataman by him and has been activated through a wireless network card.

This will play on a 40 hour mod. It was painstakingly installed with details and meticulousness. The set up has been declared fully functional after the painstaking process of installation. The fruits of the labor can be very well seen through the released videos on how the reincarnated version of the oldie is working. There is also a change of the green LCD display to a more colorful one.