Feedburner gained fame due to its unique feature of displaying the total number of readers that are reading a particular blog. It helped famous blogs reflect the huge reader base that they have developed.

The importance of feedburner could be understood from the deal under which feedburner was acquired by Google. Similarly, twitter has earned immense publicity since its launch due to its feature of connecting people from around the planet on the fly. Twitter users can even stay connected with people they are following even when they do not have access to Internet.

All they need is a cellphone and they can tweet via SMS. Something which lagged in twitter was a feedburner like counter which bloggers could use so as to reflect the amount of followers which they have developed in their twitter accounts.

Twitter Counter was the perfect answer for such desperate bloggers. Twitter Counter was quick to introduce a small script which when embedded in a website would display a “feedburner look alike” counter that reflects the total number of followers for a particular user. Cool, isn’t it?

Later on, as it happens in the blogosphere, almost every technology blog wrote about twitter counter and in no time twitter counter had become on of the most important twitter tool for anybody who was a regular user of twitter. As of now most of the bloggers display the twitter counter in their sidebars along with feedburner counter and are regularly using twitter so that they can stay connected with their fans.

If almost every famous/non – famous blogger is on twitter then there has to be something important related to this counter that every internet user must know about. Here we will try and disect everything that is connected with twitter counter. Roll your sleeves!

Using Twitter Counter users can generate a graph on the fly which will give them an overview of the number of followers that they have earned in a set period (which can be either a week, a month, or last 3 months). Such a graph gives the users an overview of which month gave them more followers.

Such stats could be very useful when it comes to estimating the time period in which you have earned more followers and what could be the reasons. Won’t you like to understand why you earned 100 followers in a week though in last 3 months you had earned only 50? Get hold of twitter counter graph and start estimating.

The Twitter Counter Stats also gives you an estimated growth of your followers per day and a prediction for your upcoming day. If you find something unusual being predicted for your username then do not miss the chance to brag about the same on your blog! A rank to tell you where you stand amongst all the twitter users around the planet is something that you must never miss. Of course, this ranking is based on the number of twitter followers that you have. Lastly, you can compare your twitter stats with those of other users whom you think are your competitors. Try not to compare yourself with someone like Britney Spears else you will surely underestimate yourself.

Twitter Counter displays the top 100 most followed twitter users for you to estimate how many more followers you still need to break into that list. Just joking! But remember, to hit the top you must stay in touch with those who are at the top. Learn from them and take inspiration from them.

Another cool Twitter Counter widget is the Twitter Remote widget which users can embed on their blog sidebar and this will display the twitter users who recently visited your blog. Something similar to what My Blog Log does. Lastly, if you want to do something really very funky with Twitter Counter then you can use thier API and embed Twitter Counter in some of your personally created widget. You truly need to be innovative to make use of this API but you need not be an expert. Give it a shot!

Hey, I almost forgot! Do you have a huge marketing budget? Then you can buy the Twitter Counter featured spot for two days. It will cost your $149 and your twitter username will be displayed everywhere around the Twitter Counter website for those two days.