The Sports and Technology survey conducted by the Consumers Electronics Association has revealed that sports and technology have outpaced all forms of traditional media like the radio or any print media like the magazines or any newspapers. Now it is the time of the Internet where people are constantly keeping track of their favorite sports and sports-persons through the Internet. The survey has shown that the print media or any other form of traditional media is slowly losing out to the Internet in a big way. Anyway the Internet has taken away the limelight from many things.

A sport is being enjoyed through various websites, as the Sports and Technology survey has revealed. There are many games like the Super Bowl or Winter Olympics which fans prefer to follow online than through magazines, newspapers or the radio. The constant accessibility of the Internet makes it a very viable option for those fans who need constant updates from anywhere and everywhere. The Internet can be accessed from so many places that it is essentially an easier task to use it for constant updating on a volatile and ever dynamic sphere like sports. There are valid reasons behind this sudden upsurge of activity.

Some of the figures and statistics given by the Sports and Technology survey are pretty interesting. It reveals the fast growing popularity of the Internet among all the sports fans in general. 18% of those who will follow the Winter Olympics plan to watch the entire sequence of events online. About 25% of the people will see some clips or even catch the highlights of the games on the world wide web. However, among all these, there will be just 30% who will use any print media like a newspaper  or other media to follow the Winter Olympics.